Tree Sex

So you want to know if trees fuck make love, huh?

This picture here might clue you into the nasty games that go on in our local forests. Be warned though, sex in nature isn't always a pretty sight.

Consider Exhibit A, over on the left. A nice upstanding tree, been there for ages, and some nasty upstart pops up right next door (so to speak, actually trees don't like to hear much about doors--sensitive subject for them--too many relative have been made into doors and all that)

Next thing you know, that spindly weedy little upstart begins to poke appendages into the older tree. And then those appendages not only pierce but completely pass through the older tree.

That's just savage. Rape, I tell you, not just sex.

There should be laws to stop this abuse of sweet unassuming elder trees.

Just look at this closeup and shudder. Ow.

On the other hand, it is pretty obvious in this picture that the older bigger tree is reaching out towards the younger one. Hmmm.


GA Girl said…
Maybe you should have given them some privacy - since you've posted these pictures you are supporting arborporn ;)
kenju said…
TOO funny! (both the post and the first comment)
Carmi said…
I needed this laugh today. Thanks for ensuring I ended up on the floor with happy convulsions. Brilliant writing and photography.

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