Scottish enough?

Your result for The Are You Scottish Enough for Me Test...

Fae Auctermuchtie?!?

Do the highland fling! You scored 35!

You're as Scottish as they come... Probably have a best pal "Stevie", have said "Get tae F***" at least 17 times the day already, and can drink more than yer wee niece's bodyweight in lager.

Mon then! Send us a message!!

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panthergirl said…
Hey... it's been forever.... I've been a bad blogfriend!

Happy that I stopped by today, though. That photo is hilarious!

Hope you are well!
kenju said…
I scored 27, higher than 59% of people who took the test. Not too bad for someone who didn't know she had any Scots blood until she turned 55!
I got a 28 and it said I was a Mc-Someone. :-)
GA Girl said…
Scored 26 - shameful for someone with so much Scots in my family! Guess I have to visit the Highlands and learn about my kin.
GA Girl said…
I just took the Irish test and did better. 95 common sense, 67 Irish facts 82 Irish soul. :)

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