More medical stuff

For the third day this week (out of 3, mind you) I had medical crap to do. Today was a sonogram.

Apparently the hairy nipple in that picture yesterday wasn't sufficient to convince the medical staff that I couldn't be preggers. So despite the silliness of it all, I had a sonogram on my belly today.

I guess I'll find out the results in a week or so. The technician was astute enough to notice that I'd had kidney stones in the past. I don't know how obvious it is on a sonogram, but since the two incidents were 8 and 10 years ago, I'd be surprised if there was a lot of evidence / damage remaining. It sure hurt at the time, but I think my stones were pretty small. I didn't have anywhere near the kind of pain that some folk describe. I wasn't going to a doctor back then so I never was checked out afterwards.

Oh, by the way, that picture above is the console for the sonogram machine. It was dark in the room so the picture is blurred and grainy. Likewise for the picture at left. That's me!!

The last thing the tech was looking at before she trotted off to see if the film turned out well enough was my kidney, so I guess that's what is on the screen. I don't know how in Hell those people can interpret those grainy images. It's more magic than science (that's a line from Galaxy Quest, by the way).


GA Girl said…
I wondered if you'd taken your camera with you to the can't see the kidny in the lower picture? It's right there in front of you ;)

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