It's been almost 25 years and that's a long time.

25 years since I last worked with lab animals, that is. Other than people, I mean.

When I went to grad school back when I was 24, I left a job where I did a lot of rodent work, mostly mice and rats but occasionally rabbits too. Since then all my research has been on human tissue and I prefer it that way.

Unfortunately my boss wants to have a mammalian model for our current work---up to now we'd been using chicken eggs for this---and so I'm working with mice again. Wheee.

This mouse is under anesthesia so it's not in any pain but they (I injected 13 mice in all) no doubt have some discomfort when they wake up a half hour or so later. A sub-cutaneous injection isn't really painful but it is kinda annoying. Sorry mice!


GA Girl said…
At least they were asleep for the injections...
Liz said…
I have to give my diabetic cat injections twice per day
SassyAssy said…
Better you than me :)
srp said…
Exactly WHAT are you injecting?
It's professional curiosity!

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