It's a mouse!

I didn't feel like posting yesterday so here's just a picture of a mouse. Isn't she cute? I was weighing her (18.8 grams, in case you're curious) so as to know how much anesthetic to administer.

I didn't get as much done as I wanted on Saturday but I did get my lawn mowed. I worked on it for over 90 minutes late on Friday, after work, and finished up Saturday morning with a similar span of time. I usually take 3 days to mow the thing so it was nice--albeit very sweaty--to get it done in just two sessions despite the heat.

The only bad thing is that I won't get many bunny pictures for a while since they like the cover that longer grass provides.


SassyAssy said…
awww...she is a cutie! Just don't send her to my house as SassyKat would have a blast toying with her. SassyKat would be too scared to eat her though.
My husband spent most of Saturday on our grass and it was SOOO oppresively hot here. I felt sorry for him. If I remember correctly, my son weighed 1023 grams at birth (2lbs, 5oz.) - quite a bit more than the mouse, but still in the small gram arena.
Më| §zë said…
srp said…
I had gerbils in college ... the psych department had a big gerbil habitat up on the fourth floor of the science building. A village of gerbils of sorts... mine was not one of them. This little mouse is adorable!

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