Yesterday I did a lot of my mowing so to reward myself today I skipped yard detail and went hiking.

I'm breaking in a new hiking buddy. Her name is Lisa, she's over there to the left walking across a pipe. This was the first hike we did together but it seemed to go well. I won't know for a while if she'll want to do this on a regular basis but I hope so.

After all the drama of hiking with Jules, I could use someone more sane to hike with.

I'm not sure why she wore long pants but it might have been due to ticks. I didn't get any on me today but this year they've been really bad. I used bug spray before I went hiking just to give me a fighting chance of keeping the nasty buggers off of me.

The water we were hiking along is Morgan Creek. I've hiked here before but it's been several months since the last time. The water was the lowest I've ever seen it. Damn drought!

Here's an epiphyte that lisa is holding. It's rather unusual. I don't think I've ever seen one that looked exactly like this before.

At the end of the branches are nodules that almost look like something on a Sun Dew Plant. Kinda creepy to my way of thinking.

The wildlife was quiet today. We saw one very big turtle and about 5 or 6 small ones. Lots of small fish and one big, big snake--but it was underwater so we couldn't tell exactly how big the critter was. Big enough that I was glad it was in the water and that we were not. Other than that, just a few birds and squirrels and just as we were leaving, one deer. I almost forgot that we saw this hollow trunk with a bunch of leeches in it--but I was trying to forget that sight. Ickers.

And here I am holding onto this seedy thing. For some reason it makes me want to drink alcohol. Does anyone have an explanation for that?


kenju said…
You find cool stuff, Dave! Maybe I should plan a hike with you.
srp said…
Is that pink thing a flower or seed from the mimosa tree...????? Thus the urge to have a drink?!

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