Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July and all that.

I watched some fireworks from down on the dock but we're too far from town for it to be all that great. Afterwards we watched some of the Boston Pops celebration. Boston sure does put on an impressive fireworks show. It lasted something like 25 minutes. Amazing stuff. One of the advantages of living in a big city, I guess. Personally I don't think that there's enough advantages to city living to get me to move tho--I still regard my decade in Atlanta with something akin to horror.

For some reason this tree stump reminded me of a spider.

You can't really get the full impact from this angle but there was too much wave action for me to get the angle I wanted. Since it's the 4th of July there were boats everywhere and kayaking was a constant adventure of bobbing in boat and sea-doo wake, it made staying in one spot to take a picture pretty much impossible.


Bob-kat said…
I can see why that shot would remind you of a spider - all those roots look a bit like legs.

I think there are advantages and disadvantages to living in the city and in a rural area. It's just what suits you best. Personally I like a bit of space around me but I have to live in a city by necessity.

Hope you had a great day!
SassyAssy said…
On the bright side...at least there was water to actually kayak on. Hope you are having a great time! Have you made the pasta for your parents yet?
GA Girl said…

I agree about cities, but have to work in this one for awhile. Living out a little, helps a little.

Happy Anniversary Utenzi's parents!

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