I feel very dirty today. Due to time constraints, I skipped taking a shower yesterday so I really needed one today. Bad timing, I'm afraid.

For some weird reason, the area I live in has frequent power outages. It's a very rare month when the power isn't out at least once, often there's several short ones in week. They usually don't last for long but today was an exception. I had just gotten in the shower when the lights went out. Being optimistic by nature ---anyone who knows me, realizes that's a joke--- I soaped up assuming the juice would be back within a few minutes. Nope. An hour later when I left for work the power was still out, dammit.

Anyway, since I have a well and my house is set up with continuous flow / low standing volume water heaters and such---there's virtually no water on hand. And since it takes electricity to get that water out of the well... in just a couple of minutes I was standing there wet and soapy hoping the water would start flowing again. Eventually I gave up and toweled off. So my hair kinda looks moussed, I guess, but it's really soap. Ewwww.


Into the Light said…
Oh my! Now that's a vision!
Yuck... that's never a good feeling. I guess dipping your head in the toilet wasn't an option? (just kidding!).
SassyAssy said…
I hate when that happens!
GA Girl said…
Yucky - I used to lose electricity when I lived in Lawrenceville, but I never lost water. :(

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