Gosh darn it

I had another near miss today involving Craig's List.

Just before leaving work today at 4:40pm I checked on two types of items that I'm interested in, kayaks and hot tubs. Lo and behold, there was a perfect hot tub listed for $500 just a half hours drive from where I live. The ad had just been posted two hours before so I called the number
in the ad.

Lisa, the woman listing the tub, said that one other person had called but that she still had the tub so I'd best come and see it soon. I packed up my stuff and trotted off to the bus stop.

Unfortunately between waiting for the bus, riding to my car, hitting home for the money, and then getting out to Hillsborough an hour and a half had gone by and the tub was sold by the time I arrived. A half hour drive (each way!) wasted. Maybe next time...

There's one listed in Cary--about 45 minutes away from me--for just a little more money, $600. But that one is non-standard and that makes me nervous. It just looks a little too weird for me. The pictures to the left are of the Cary Soft Tub.

The tub itself is normal but the heating unit is definite a custom job.


GA Girl said…
Probably a wise choice for the non-standard hot tub. Water and self-wiring of electricity could be a shocking combination *grin*

I have faith that you will find the hot tub of your dreams.
srp said…
Yes, a wise choice... I have been outfitting Nyssa and her apartment with Craig's list. We missed a great table and chairs and doesn't it seem that when you panic and get something, say a chest of drawers that isn't completely what you want but you never see them listed.... then in the next ten days there will be no less than 20 chest of drawers listed that are exactly what you wanted at a lesser price? Ah! The joys of Craig's list.
SassyAssy said…
Utenzi and a hot tub....what a strange combination in my mind!

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