Doctors and Soda

This medical crap is getting annoying. I'd not gone to a doctor in over ten years and I was doing just fine. Now I've seen one three times in the past 3 months and she's got me set up with appointments with all other sorts of doctors too. It's like mold on bread, the doctor stuff is spreading and I don't like it one bit. And if that wasn't annoying enough, I've only got one can of soda left. Eeeeek.

My doctor gave me a prescription for Trilyte when I saw her on Tuesday so since I need to hit Wal-mart to get that filled, I s'pose I could pick up some soda while I'm there. Wonderful, lovely, sweet enchanting soda. Mmmmmm. (it's not an addiction, I tell you--it's just not!)

And on Friday I learned that my doctor's office had made an appointment for me to get an ultrasound this coming Wednesday---I need more notice than that. My poor little mind can't get wrapped around the idea of a procedure with just half a week of advance time. And the thing is going to occur at the Women's Hospital. Is that weird or what? Maybe my doctor saw my burgeoning gut and thought I was pregnant. That would account for it being an ultrasound and the venue of the Women's Hospital. Damn. I should have asked why they made that appointment for me. Though the look on the resident's face when s/he looks under my gown might be interesting...

Only one more soda left. This isn't good.


SassyAssy said…
Hmmmm....could there be a connection between the flurry of doctor visits and your soda addiction?
utenzi said…
Bite your tongue, woman, else I'll bite it for you! Soda is sacrosanct!
GA Girl said…
Sounds like a proactive doctor is what you need, not that you procrastinate or anything ;-)
Bob-kat said…
I can sympathise, I have the doctors mould syndrome too. Once they get their teeth into you... Seriously though, I hope they sort out whatever is wrong.

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