Blades of Glory

I recorded Blades of Glory about two months ago but never watched it. I'm not a big fan of Will Ferrell comedies, you see. So, despite my having seen several good reviews of this movie, I let it sit undisturbed on my hard drive. That was a mistake.

It really is quite funny with nice performances by the aforementioned Will Ferrell as well as Jon Heder, William Fichtner (Invasion) and the adorable Jenna Fischer (Pam from The Office). Had I known Fischer was in the movie, I'd have watched it immediately. Her cute little face almost makes The Office worth watching. (but not quite)

To date, my favorite Farrell movie is Stranger Than Fiction in which he absolutely nailed the character of Harold Crick, but here in Blades of Glory he brings to life a very interesting and larger than life character named Chazz Michael Michaels as a counterpunch to the squeaky clean, wholesome Jimmy MacElroy (Jon Heder). Chazz is a figure skating sex addict with a lone wolf attitude, and tats to match. Nice.

And Jenna Fischer appears in sexy underwear. That's worth the price of admission right there. If she dressed like that on television I'd start watching The Office.

Anyway, Blades of Glory is surprisingly funny--though a topic like figure skating is rather easy to lampoon--and all the celebrity walk-ons are great fun. And plenty of skating legends make brief appearances as well. A couple of them in the form of tattoos on Will Farrell's back! Don't ask.


SassyAssy said…
I thought this was a cute movie too! Imagine that...we agree on a movie like once a year!
What's not to love about the world of professional figure skating? LOL. I think Will Ferrell is a hoot - mainly because he just has no shame whatsoever!

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