All Hooked Up

My doctor and I disagree about something. She thinks I have high blood pressure.

I don't.

So to settle this disagreement I have been enlisted to wear this annoying automated Sphygmomanometer for 24 hours. My doctor told me it'd be small and convenient. Ha! Full size cuff, adhesive patch, all that tubing and then the recording device and inflating unit that I hold on to. Jeeze.

Every 15 minutes it automatically inflates and my arm has to be straight else it'll force an error message. Since I get no warning that it's about to inflate, and I do a lot of work which requires very fine finger and hand movement, this sidelined me for the day.

So I went home. At least I got to catch up on some television that I'd recorded the past few weeks.

I turn the unit back in at 8:30am, four and a half hours from now and I suspect I'll be fairly tired (you try to sleep with a cuff inflating on your arm every 15 minutes!).

And about a week from now I'll get a letter letting me know how I did. And so it goes.

By the way, that belly you see up there might be part of the problem. Just saying.


GA Girl said…
Sorry you didn't get any sleep :(

Belly? On the bright side, it could be much worse *grin*
kenju said…
Yes, it could be worse (and will, if you don't stop eating so much candy).
I do hope that you are right, but if you're not, get on the medication so you don't end up like mr. kenju.
SassyAssy said…
You are use to not getting any sleep!
tiff said…
Dude - that's cruel and unusual punishment!
carli said…
That is REALLY annoying. My NP had me get a home monitor so I can check it at home, as she (correctly) suspects I have serious White Coat Syndrome. In fact, last time she got my pressure to drop 20 or so points just by talking to me and calming me down for a few minutes.

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