Warning: naughty word

Let's start off with a joke:

A gentleman is sitting next to the Pope on an airplane. He sees that the Pope is doing a crossword puzzle. He thinks to himself, "I love doing crossword puzzles. I hope he will ask me for help."

Time passes, and the Pope says, "Excuse me, sir, but do you know a four-letter word that describes a woman and ends in 'unt'?"

The gentleman thinks about this and was about to answer when he realized he couldn't say something like that to the Pope. He thinks a while longer and finally says, "I believe the word you're looking for is 'aunt'."

The Pope replies, "Oh, you're right. That fits too. Would you happen to have an eraser?"

That joke transitions us into an inside joke, if you'll excuse the slight pun. Last weekend Lee and I were watching that excruciatingly long 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movie and near the middle there was a scene between Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. She was being insistent and strong whilst Will was being emotional and whiny--at the conclusion of the scene Will stormed off as Elizabeth declared in an English accent "You can't."

Upon hearing that, I turned to Lee and said in a mockingly shocked tone, "I can't believe she called him that!"

Lee was puzzled and asked me "...called him what?"

"A cunt," I replied. So I backed up the movie a bit and replayed the scene. Keira Knightley's accent has her contraction of "can not" sounding like "kant" which sounds a lot like--please forgive me--cunt. And since Will Turner was being rather petulant and demanding in that scene--attributes often attributed to the fairer sex...

Well, since then I've often said "You can't" in that English accent when I want to make Lee laugh. Inside joke, or at least it was. Now I've outed it.


Teresa said…
Hmmm... I think that exchange would make me need something to make me laugh rather than cause the laughter. What could you possibly be doing to poor Lee that your antics would be preferable?
kenju said…
LOL....Theresa's right.
GA Girl said…
It's all in the accent! ;)
Carmi said…
I've always loved that Pope/crossword joke. I can just see the look on his face as he delivers the line.

The c word is one of the few that I just can't get myself to use. It's one of the few profane words that's still taboo in my brain. I know it's weird...then again, I AM weird!
LOL. The Evil Twin and I have silly jokes and things we say like that. Although, like Carmi, I can't (lol) use that word or the "p" word.
Shephard said…
Great. Now every time I hear a Brit can't can't... LOL
That's very funny.
In my head. lol But I can't use the word either. Taboo. :)

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