Smoky post #2

Here's three more pictures from Thursday. I posted yesterday about the red-alert causing smoke here in the Triad area of NC. The first two pictures below illustrate what it looked like in my back yard.

This first picture looks over from my backyard to my neighbor's side yard (behind the hedge of trees). The yellowish aspect of the atmosphere in the picture was real. The air looked like that. You can see just a glimmer of the sun through the smoke. The low light made it seem more like 8pm than 5pm.

This second picture illustrates how the visibility dropped off with distance. You can see the trees in my backyard quite clearly, the shed in the next yard starts to get fuzzy then the neighbor's house across the street is fuzzier still. And the trees behind that house get quite indistinct. Not quite pea soup but the effect was as strong as the morning fogs we get here most days.

...and for those crazy folk that like cats, this one belongs to my neighbor across the street from me. He was making himself appear quite at home on my front porch. Looks comfy, doesn't he?

This is the fellow that is a good hunter. He's gotten quite a few birds that I've seen and more than a few rabbits. In fact just yesterday I saw him with a baby bunny. I got a couple of pictures but they're rather blurry since the cat was trotting briskly along with the bunny in his mouth.


GA Girl said…
You mean you watched and took pictures while you could have been saving a baby bunny??? :-0
utenzi said…
What's up with the open mouth, GG? Did you want a bite of bunny--or did you have something else in mind?
utenzi said…
Thanks for the clarification, GG.
Teresa said…
My neighbor's cat has also taken up residence on my porch. Her name is cheddar, I think. I'm not sure if she's thinking about how to get to the bird's nest or just likes me, but she's quite at home out there.
Nikki-ann said…
We haven't heard about the wildfires, although the flooding and tornadoes have been on the news.

That definitely looks like one content cat!
Love the cat. Slow shutter speed? Time for the dSLR. ;-) (hee hee, I have to tease you a bit).
tiff said…
Some of those pictures are very artsy! Cats are creatures of comfot, aren't they? I'd never have beleived that THIS one was a good hunter, because he looks so daggoen comfy just lying around!

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