Is Speed the Answer?

I'm thinking of changing my broadband provider. Right now I use Roadrunner, in fact the new availability of Roadrunner in my area 4 years ago is what made me decide to switch from satellite to cable. Now that I have satellite tv again (so as to better serve my lovely high-def tv set), I'm thinking of getting rid of Roadrunner.

That's the speed of my current connection over there on the left. At least it is at 3am. It's probably slower during the day. If you want to check your speed try this site.

Due to my living out in the boonies, there's not many options for broadband Internet service. That's why I went with Roadrunner 4 years ago. What I'm thinking of going with is the cellular connection from Verizon.

Now in more populated areas there's a regular service from Verizon which has a nice price. Unfortunately it's not extended this far out, so what I'd have to use is a $60/month USB thingy that would connect my laptop to the Internet. I suspect it's not as fast as my current connection, but probably not a lot worse. The price is higher than Roadrunner but since I have to keep a CATV account with Time/Warner, which I'm not using, the price works out to be almost the same. And it would be nice to have an Internet connection that moves around with me... decisions!


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