Damn Errands

Don't you just hate all those damn errands that make a household run?  I was going to go hike at Eno River today before it got too hot--but guilt set in. I just had too much crap on my to-do list and so no hike. Maybe tomorrow tho.

That's a close up of a snake skin I found while hiking at Eno River last week. It was still damn and flexible so I figure that snake hadn't shed it very long before. Too bad I missed him--he must have been a big one. On the other hand, they're grumpy while shedding...

So far today I updated my IBS blog, first things first--after all, then gathered garbage together and made a run to the landfill. Next up was my color wash which was way overdue. It actually exceeded the capacity of my washer so I'll have to do another one soon.   *sigh*  And then came a run to the gas station since I'm out of gas for my mower. That's 2.5 gallons and a scary $10.  *ouch*

Next up? Well, there's the lawn mowing. I'll put in an hour on that before it hits 90+ which will be around noon. So I have to get cracking on that very soon. Afterwards is dish washing, folding and putting away laundry, spraying the weeds outside so they all DIE DIE DIE. And if I can find the gumption I want to rearrange my kitchen so it's more user friendly. I keep putting that task off.... Oh, and did I mention vacuuming? That really, really needs doing too.

How do people with kids handle all this stuff? My house gets dirty slowly and tasks accumulate at a quiet rate. Kids would accelerate all this stuff so much.  Scary thought.


SassyAssy said…
Feel free to come clean my place while you are at it!
kenju said…
My whole house needs dusting and vacuuming, but it is too hot to consider it (even though it is cool in here).

I'd be glad I didn't see the snake that shed that big skin!
Nina said…
When you said color wash, at first I thought you were talking about tinting your hair. I am such a girl.
GA Girl said…
Housework is never done, but it's good you reward yourself (killing weeds - look like you get some wild joy out of killing the green stuff...)

I had vet day, 2 kitties needed their checkups. One of the kitties is reluctant to allow needed medical care (hell, she's a CRAZY cat!) but the vet tried a new trick - held a Frito in front of her nose...it worked! Next we'll try Cheetos :)

Nice snake skin but I couln't tell the size.
I told the Evil Twin to just put a sign in our yard that said, "I can't afford to mow my grass." LOL.

I have two area rugs (one in living/den room and one in dining room) that I vacuum every single evening. I do an amazing amount of laundry, but I do it late (I'm a night owl). I'm also a stay at home mom, so I have flexibility with chores, so it's not overwhelming. It's the working moms I wonder how they do it.
Nikki-ann said…
I remember seeing a snake's skin when I was a kid... it was from a captive snake though as a lad who lived down the road had a number of snakes. Imagine shedding your skin like that!

IBS... Argh! Mine's been playing up lately... it doesn't seem to matter what I eat (or don't eat!).

Don't even mention the price of fuel!

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