I'm being a weenie today. My lower back was bothering me quite a bit at work yesterday and since it's not improved overnight I just Emailed in sick. I do have to do some computer work this morning on some graphic files but my chair here at home is one Hell of a lot better for my back than the one at work.

I finished reading a book late last night by Douglas Preston titled Blasphemy and enjoyed it quite a bit. I don't think I'd have ended it quite the way that he did---I prefer endings where the guy does get the girl---but I liked this novel better than his last book Tyrannosaur Canyon, and that one made it to the NY Times Bestseller list.

Blasphemy is a January 2008 release and it has Wyman Ford, a minor character in Tyrannosaur Canyon, as the protagonist. He's employed by the science adviser to the President, on a hush-hush basis, to investigate why a big money research project is behind schedule. He soon finds out that the real reason he's hired is that the second in charge of the project is his former lover from their grad school days.

The backdrop for the novel is the Arizona desert on a Navajo Reservation and the 40 billion dollar particle accelerator that's been built there. Of course there's a murder soon after Ford arrives to muddy the waters and some religious issues and personality conflicts arise too. All in all it's a good novel, well written and topical, with some tart commentary on politics, religion, and big money science contained within. It's given 3.5 stars on Amazon but I'd move that up to 4 stars (out of 5). The main limitation, at least to me, is that the characters are kinda thin.


rosemary said…
So you're the one that I caught my back pain from!

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