Weekend plans

Lee is prying herself away from her clowder of cats and is coming to visit me this weekend. She's supposed to arrive around noon--an hour from now--and I hope to scoot out of work around 2pm. By the time I get home she'll have had a chance to take a nap and recover from that nasty drive.

I've got a couple of ribeyes for dinner tonight and during the course of the weekend we hope to visit the botanical gardens at Duke University, maybe the one at UNC, and hit a few restauants so she doesnt get tired of my cooking. Maybe we'll go to the State Zoo if her foot is up to the challenge. Lee had foot surgery a few months ago and is still getting her strength back. Hmmm. Grill some burgers on the back deck and maybe we'll see that new Indiana Jones movie too.

Any suggestions of things to do? Nothing ribald, mind you.


Sue said…
Sounds like you have some good plans already! I hope you two have a great visit and beautiful weather!
Teresa said…
What???? You didn't just tell her to bring the clowder with her?? Of course, not all travel so well... she REALLY may have needed to recuperate after that!

May I suggest you go fly a kite? People just don't do that enough. It's fun and good exercise if you do it right.

Have a great weekend!
kenju said…
That sounds like a pretty full weekend already! Have a good one!
Shephard said…
It was worth the visit just hear someone use "clowder of cats." Love it.

Suggestions... make nachos? Play scrabble? Both?

We're seeing Indiana too.

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