Saturday in RTP

Lee and I stayed busy today. While we got off to a late start--don't ask--once we got in motion we managed to take a hike in Eno River Park, wandered the lovely Sarah Duke Garden at Duke University, and had a tasty and somewhat fattening repast at Bullocks, a Durham institution.

These turtles were near a waterfall at Eno River. They don't seem to see eye-to-eye. It was funny to see them perched on that log like that, butt to butt (do turtles really have butts?).

That one on the left is balanced on its belly with all 4 feet just moving away. I think it was dreaming about swimming. What a silly turtle.

Just a few hundred feet down the trail from the turtles was that fellow below. He didn't seem to mind resting on my finger at all. It was kinda weird 'cause usually snakes don't like being held at first, but then settle down. This guy took to it right from the get go and really didn't seem to want to leave when I put him down. He was kinda cute too. Lee almost adopted him. Maybe if the car was cooler she might have. As it was, the poor guy would have cooked before we got him home.


Catherine said…
I don't think I'd be picking any snake up, since I'd have absolutely no idea which ones are venomous. We don't have snakes in New Zealand. Cute picture, though.
Michele sent me
MissMeliss said…
That's a sweet looking snake, and the turtles are adorable.

I tried to snap pix of the frog that was eating fallen peaches under my tree, but it jumped away before I could.
Sue said…
Wow! Pretty snake. My girls always look for them when we are hiking. Makes me proud...
That snake is sooo cute. I love his big eyes.

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