I've received two presents this week.

Isn't that a pretty present? Such lovely wrapping paper. Lee gave me this when I saw her at my parent's house this past weekend.

I'm a strong believer in that statement it's the thought that counts.

People who know me realize I frequently say I don't like to receive presents. And by this I mean: I don't like to receive presents. This isn't code, y'know?

Y'see, the usual interpretation of that maxim above is that if a person buys you something it means that they're thinking of you, and regardless of what the gift is--it's a symbol of their thinking of you and that's what makes it special.

I don't think that way. My thoughts on this more follow the course of: if the gift-giver knows me well then they should pick a gift I like, if they can't do that then they don't really know me and I should no longer have anything to do with them.

I'm not claiming this is a well thought out thesis. It's a purely emotional reaction but as such, it's impossible for my rational mind to argue with. How can you argue with subconscious feelings? And that's the reason that I don't like to get presents, it just provokes that odd reaction in me--especially since I rarely get presents I like.

Along that line of thought, it's odd but the best present giver was Chris who I was only seeing for a few months and the worst was Renee who I was seeing for over 4 years. I guess length of time isn't a big help in this. As for Lee, so far the birds like her a lot. She's been giving them nice food. I don't know the birds collective opinion on the wrapping paper but I like it.

So here's the question for all of you. Do you prefer no gifts, token gifts, big expensive stuff?


Teresa said…
Though by your way of thinking a lot of people would be banished from my life (as they get weird ideas of what I might like), I prefer a gift that someone "thought" I might like (it's the thought and effort that counts) to a grand jesture. I'm not opposed to big gifts, but it really has to be something I want or need. And I don't like to choose my own gift or receive something because I admired yours. Now, I know I did pretty much tell you what to get me for my birthday... but don't let that deter you. I won't know what type it is... feel free to indulge me!
utenzi said…
You told me...?
GA Girl said…
I think you're old enough to get over that emotional stuff (as someone once told me), but you probably won't get over the stubborn stuff (unfortunately). Maybe as you get older you will be more gracious, one can always hope! :)
Teresa said…
Uh-huh... I'm direct. :-)
Thumper said…
I thought I was odd...getting gifts tends to make me a little uncomfortable, at least when I have to open them in front of people. I love getting surprise gifts in the mail...Christmas and birthdays just feel odd to me, not sure why.

OTOH I love getting gifts for other people.

Maybe I was dropped on my head during Christmas as a baby...?
rosemary said…
No thumper said they make me uncomfortable. I do love getting pictures of the family though...just not for an occassion.
kenju said…
I am a wee little bit like you in that I think gifts ought to be thoughtful, and the giver ought to really think about what the person likes. However, saying that the giver ought to be banished from your life if she doesn't do that? It's selfish and a little childish, Dave. Sorry. If someone gives you a gift you can't use or don't like - donate it to Goodwill or give it to someone who will like it. But realize that the person WAS thinking of you - even if the result isn't what you'd want.
I like getting gifts and especially giving gifts, but I always feel a little embarrassed getting stuff, 'cause then I feel greedy/too lucky/etc. Although the people wouldn't give a gift unless they meant it... I just never want my friends/family to feel obligated.

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