Here's three pictures I took at Sarah Duke Garden yesterday. The first is a picture of a family of ducks that were sheltering behind a cluster of iris plants. Very sweet and rated G.

But for some reason, when I look at pictures of iris blooms close up--I get a very different impression. Maybe it's just me, but they look quite naughty.

Now, while not as extreme as those Georgia Okeefe paintings could be, they definitely give me an impression of... something else entirely.

If you ever saw that Pink Floyd movie "The Wall", thematically based on the album of the same name, you know what I mean. *whew* That was a movie with some extreme imagery.

Adding to the theme of the iris petals was all the matrimony in the air.

There were at least 3 weddings going on while we were at Duke--maybe more. The Chapel had one happening while we there, and it looked like the security guard was piling up folk from another wedding scheduled later, and there were several groups down in the garden doing weddings and receptions. I'd never seen that level of social ceremony there before. Large sections of the place were off-limits to all non-guests.

Fortunately the Asian section, where these iris pictures were taken, was still open to everyone.


Jean-Luc Picard said…
Very good pictures there!

Michele sent me.
Bob-kat said…
Those iris are gorgeous. Your idea that they are quite naughty is not entirely off the mark of course as the flower centre is where the plant has it's reproductive organs (as I'm sure you know)!
Beautiful photos. I would never have thought of that aspect....the flowers looking like reproductive parts. I love irises though-I even gave my mother a German iris for Mother's Day. :-)

Michele sent me. :-)
Maryam said…
Hope you remember me. I am one of the least active member on the blogland.

good to read your blog,
Sue said…
I don't think think the irises are as naughty as the turtles in your Saturday post...

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