Nasty Departure

Lee left a few hours ago for home. My place seems far too empty now. :-(

Here's a picture from our Saturday trip to Duke University. That's the Duke Chapel in the background. The campus has a Gothic theme and while it can be heavy handed at times, the theme does look nice on the chapel. Somehow churches and Gothic just seem to go together.

Lee's leaving is the reason for "departure" in my post title, the "nasty" refers to a movie we watched on Sunday. We'd just finished brunch (french toast style biscuits, maple sausage + grilled onions and egg scramble, and juice in case you're curious) and sat down to watch a movie. Neither of us had seen the third movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise so we decided to give it a look.

It was sooooo boring. We kept stopping it and looking at one another in amazement. How could a 250 million dollar Summer action blockbuster be so damn slow and boring? We never finished. I think we made it to around the 2 hour mark which still left an hour unwatched. What's the opinion out there? Did any of you like it? I know women tend to really like Johnny Depp but these last two Pirates movies are hard to overlook. They are sucky.

Here's a rose that I saw at Sarah Duke. It was very pretty.

The backdrop of red roses adds a little verve to the picture.

I managed to avoid any lawnmowing today which means I really have to get cracking tomorrow after work.
I'm also thinking of ending my soda avoidance a few days early... man, I love that stuff.

...back to work tomorrow. :-(


Sue said…
Maybe you need to watch those Pirate movies with kids. Mine were cracking UP! Molly was inspired to become a pirate...
Diane Mandy said…
Lovely photos as always, U. Hope the return to work isn't too taxing.
Deana said…
I loved Pirates 3. It was a very very boring beginning but the end was great I thought. I'd have to fast forward that bizarre section with him on the island and the crabs if I watched it again though.

You know you are right about the gothic thing and churches.

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