I recorded Jeopardy today for the first time in quite a while.

I just happened to watch yesterday when a first time winner easily dominated the game, defeating Mary Kay Schmidt of Wisconsin Rapids and Ameet Shukla.

Now I'd like to say that I recorded today's episode due to an admiration of intellectual prowess but the truth is that the winner, Larissa Kelly of El Cerrito, Calif, is just so damn cute. And smart. She smoked them in today's show also. Both days she had over double the dollar total of the other two contestants making final jeopardy a moot point.

You can take a look at game one at this site. Game two is there also. I've already set up my DVR to record on Thursday and Friday. Who knows? She might turn into another Ken Jennings and equal (or surpass) his record of 74 wins. It could happen. LOL


Teresa said…
Lethal combination, isn't it. It's a good thing I usually only focus on one of those qualities.

I haven't watched Jeopardy in a long time. Since I still haven't figured out how to make my sound work on this computer, I won't be watching those two shows... cuteness just isn't a big enough draw. LOL.
GA Girl said…
This shot makes her look a little like a young Hillary Clinton :-)
kenju said…
I saw her last night. I couldn't believe she knew some of those answers so quickly, and she is a doll face!
Nina said…
I need to get a TV. I am clearly missing everything.
Well, I can't really comment on something I know nothing about. Michele sent me here to ask you how is your kayaking going?
Anonymous said…
i absolutely adore larissa.. smart, unassuming, shy, sweet.. what a quirky delight!!!!! lovely!!!!!
carli said…
Dangit, Tenz, you've got me DVRing Jeopardy! again. (Yeah, I usually can't write it without the exclamation point.)

Did you watch last night? (spoiler alert.) Execute? Are you KIDDING me, middle lady?
Carmi said…
Intelligence is always incredibly sexy. It's how I ended up getting married, and it makes me smile every single day.

And my, how I love Jeopardy. I love playing makes me feel so smart :) I was on Reach for the Top (Canada's version of Quiz Bowl, I think) when I was in high school. It's waaaaay different when the camera lights are on you.

Every time I do a television interview now, I flash back to my RFTT experience. Oops, I'd better tuck in: I've got an early interview tomorrow!
caperrone said…
Well, six games and out. If you bet it all on DD you better know
such EASY answers as Chevalier and Le Havre (Den Hagen, The Hague), which a HISTORY Ph D ought to know... Too bad, LK and all fans.

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