Indian Proverb

"Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun"

I hate turning on my A/C before the start of June but I was very tempted today. Since it was going to rain in the evening I felt I had to do some mowing done this afternoon. The grass was pretty long since we've had a lot of rain in the past couple of weeks--and my lawn really appreciates the damn stuff.

As for me, after being outside in the heat for over an hour I really wanted something more than just a ceiling fan--but I settled for a cool shower. It hit 90 today and it is supposed to stay in the mid 80s to low 90s for the next 5-7 days. It looks like my electric bill for June is going to spike a bit. *sigh*

What do you think of that dog above? Lee and I saw her at Eno River last week. She's pretty old but still fetches sticks like a puppy. Her owner seemed quite proud of her energy level. Personally I thought she looked a little insane, but that makes her perfect for the Indian quote. I guess my mowing in the heat of the day qualifies me for the "Englishman" part of the quote, huh?

In other news, my Amazon ban expires today so I can use the gift certificate that Chris so generously gave me for my birthday. Chris is so sweet. (Lee just loves it when I mention that) Going a month without buying anything on Amazon wasn't easy but it sure did help my bank account.


kenju said…
I think that dog was greatly enjoying her time in the water. I am impressed with the color of it, too.
utenzi said…
Actually, I'm to blame for the coloration, Judy. The water started off a muddy green, which I didn't like, so I changed the hue to a more bluish green.
srp said…
Was your Amazon ban a "self-imposed" one?
I have two certificates and trying to save up for a third to get the Tiffen Dfx program for the computers. My Dell still needs some work, but have been too busy to get it done. Meanwhile, my wonderful brother (out of a sense of guilt at leaving me with all this house stuff) sent me a present.... and yes, I LOVE it! What? A 24" iMac with Aperture and all sorts of RAM ant 1000 GB (1TB) of memory. Yes, and an HP all in one photosmart printer/copier/fax. Although I think he wanted us to have a fax for some of his business stuff!

I have tried to catch up on most of your posts.... love the iris pictures!
GA Girl said…
The water looks sooo cool - Hotlanta is living up to it's name.

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