Hiking on Saturday

I went on a hike yesterday afternoon.

I was accompanied by Julie and her daughter. That's them over on the left while crossing a hanging bridge. I'll tell you, that type of bridge sure does bounce a lot!

It was a nice hike though a bit short since 10 year olds don't like to go as far as adults do. They drink a lot of water too.

I managed to salvage several souvenirs from the trip. Two of them I found last night, and the third tick wasn't discovered until I got back from making a brief run into the lab this morning.

The two last night were pretty big and easy to see--adult ticks--but that one today was a very little stinker, nymph stage I guess, and I didn't find that one until it was nice and full of my blood. Damn arachnids! Now my legs are so itchy that it's quite annoying.

The picture below is a friend we found on the way back. While we didn't stay and visit long it was nice to meet her. She didn't seem to share my sentiments tho and just scurried off into the leaves.


Sue said…
Zoinks! Big critter! I've never had ticks personally, but they seem to like my girls. Much to their dismay. I hiked round about Stone Mountain Saturday. VERY nice. Time to go camping. However, your spider picture is giving me second thoughts.
utenzi said…
I haven't been up Stone Mountain in about 10 years, Sue. I hope y'all had a great time.
Noi said…
Wow I would have screamed if I saw your little friend.

Generally I am not scared of spiders, just the big ones like that:p
kenju said…
I'm afraid to go in my woods, since I think that ticks will be plentiful this year, due to a warm winter. I know poison ivy is all over my yard!!
GA Girl said…
Ewwww scary spider :O
Cynnie said…
aww..you're in NC arent you?
I've never seen a spider like that..but maybe i did ..when i was a kid we were oblivous

except the 5 years we spent in Oklahoma
we had tarantulas in our back yard!!
that was super cool !
Bob-kat said…
Ugh! I hate arachnids. They make me feel quite quesy. It sounds like you had a great walk though.
diane said…
Wow, Charlotte there is a big girl, isn't she! Your hike sounds great. Have a good week.
tiff said…
That spider is the reason I think screened proches are a great idea. That, and the mosquitos.

And flies.

Also moths.

I love nature.

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