Usually a person stops growing in their late teens but for some odd reason that doesn't seem to be the case for me.

Yesterday when I was at the doctor's office they measured me at 72.5 inches in height. Now it's true that I've been growing outward for a number of years but I have never been measured over 6 feet before. I mentioned that and the nurse remeasured and got the same result.

Huh. Somehow in the ten years since my last doctor's visit I'd gained half an inch in height.

What does this have to do with tires floating in the water? Good question. I can't think of a connection. I guess I just liked the picture. The tires are there to dampen out waves so that the sailboats don't get banged up. The sailboats are out of sight behind where I was floating so all you can see are the tires and an island. Sorry!

The downside of the measurements is the weight gain. In the past 10 years I've gained 35 pounds! I'm now at 217.

And according to the doctor I've got very large tonsils which is causing me difficulties sleeping at night. Sure, the weight gain doesn't help but she thinks the tonsils are the real problem. I'd not known this, but apparently tonsils usually shrink in size at you get older and by my advanced age have almost disappeared. Not for me tho. Mine are HUGE. Too bad you can't pick and choose where to put extra size, huh?


GA Girl said…
Wow -you went to the doctor :)

Tonsils huh? Good thing you like ice cream.

How do you know you haven't gained in other areas? Do you keep a record or is this just a handy guess?
utenzi said…
Sure, GG. I like going to doctors. I do it on a regular basis. Every 10 years, rain or shine.
GA Girl said…
Whether you need it or not...
Omykiss said…
I noticed the other day that my daughter seemed taller ... maybe she's still growing then? I thought I might be shrinking .. a while ago my son did point out that as you get older you shrink ... you've made my day ... cheers!
kenju said…
The extra height is good, Dave, because you will start to lose height in your 60's. I used to be 5'10" and now I'm just under 5'9". :-/ I loved being tall. Why can't I grow instead of shrinking??!!
Blonde Goddess said…
HAHA! You crack me up with that last sentence....too funny!
Smug said…
Hey Dave!

Maybe you just were wearing different shoes, afterall it was 10 years ago, maybe the heel is higher on this trip!
Shephard said…
When you figure out what you're eating that's making you grow, let me know. I'm 5'6" and could use the tip.

Sue said…
The tires looke like hippo-sized armadillos... Some thing our of a sci-fi B movie?

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