Clay awash

I took this picture early this morning while kayaking.

I like the layered effect that appears due to the close nature of the clay in the foreground and the islands and bridge in the background.

The day started all stormy looking but by 9am was bright and sunny. I had to return to base 'cause I had no sun block on -- it didn't seem necessary. In fact I had a wind shirt clipped on the back of my boat so I could don it once the rain started coming down.

Turned out that I never needed the shirt. My timing in returning was good tho--my dad wanted to move the dock somewhat and I got back just in time to help with that chore. After that? I relaxed on the porch with Road Kill, a 1999 Tim Dorsey novel and watched the birds flirt with one another in the trees.


Bob-kat said…
Sounds like a perfect day. From your pic it looks like it was a hazy kind of day. Now if they would move that sign in the post above down to this bit of clay then it would be far more pertinent! :)

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