Bad Hair Day

I took my kayak out for a 2 hour spin when I got to SC this morning. It was good to get the kinks out of my back from the 4 hour drive.

While paddling, I saw this fellow. For some reason there were a lot of herons out today. Typically I'll see no more than 4 in a day. Today I saw over 15. It was weird. They were everywhere.

This one stood out due to his interesting plumage. He's got long feathers, almost quill-like, emerging out from the back of his head, the base of his neck, and on either side of his back near the wings. Kinda freaky looking.

Of the herons I took pictures of (5 of them) this is the only one that had plumage like this. Herons are kinda shy and fly away when approached closely. So I don't know if the other birds looked like this. I took this picture at 12X so details appear in my pictures that weren't visible to my eye. Maybe tomorrow I'll see him again.


Bob-kat said…
We have a heron that visits regularly at the lake near to where I work. I love to watch him fish.

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