Just when you think you've seen everything---actually I don't think that but it's what everyone says at times like this---something new just appears in front of you.

In this case it's a pregnant bird. Yeah, I know. Eggs and all that. But look at the belly on this chippie. If it's not preggers, what in bloody 'ell is going on?

By the way, that's not rhetorical. I really do want to know what's going on. I feel quite confused this weekend and some clarity--even if coming from left field--would be nice. So feel free to contribute whatever witticisms you can. And is it true that you don't need a good arm if you're in left field?

Speaking of left field, Barry Bonds has been rather quiet of late. You'd think someone would pick him up even if just to use as a DH. I can't really believe he's being austracized (and what does steroids have to do with Austria anyway? Oh! Arnold. Duh--I should have known that one).


utenzi said…
Ostracized is the correct spelling of course but I wanted to include Gov Arnold in this post.
Teresa said…
Wanting to include Arnold in a bird post certainly does seem to be symptomatic of confusion, Dave!

I have no idea about your pregnant bird... it just looks like a bird to me. But I do have a nest on my porch again this year. Those parents are being really nasty about people being out there. They've built a nest in the light fixture. No sign of hatchlings yet, but I don't doubt they'll be along soon. I blame this on my lack of cats at the moment.
Noi said…
Wow I have never seen a pregnant bird haha! We dont get to see these kind of beauty in Singapore. People are too busy chasing away birds from their cars to appreciate the lovely birds.
Bob-kat said…
I guess the bird is full of eggs and near to laying or has eaten a very large caterpillar! LOL. It's a nice pic though.

Hope you get your clarity soon. When you find it if there is anything left over then send some my way as I could do with some too!
Blonde Goddess said…
I watched a little bit about Barry Bonds on one of the sports networks last night. Apparently he's been pretty quiet although they did have a clip of him mouthing off to the coaches recently at practice.
Sue said…
"Breathe deep. Seek peace". Is it just a general confusion or is this a baseball thing? I have not seen any pregnant birds that I know of. But they must be out there as we have more chirping chicks aroung the house that I can shake a stick at. And believe me, I've tried. Not to harm the babes, of course. Just to see iff I COULD shake a stick at them.

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