Wordless Wednesday


GA Girl said…
How significant!
utenzi said…
Thank you, GG. The p values are nice.
Teresa said…
Shephard said…
Yes, I can't recall when I've seen such lovely p values.
(clueless, but hiding it well)

I wanted to tell you... that you might get an extra kick out of Pixar's movie "Newt" because it takes place in a labratory with scientists and behavioralists studying the last two blue-footed newts on Earth. It really looked funny actually. And who doesn't like newts? :)

tiff said…
Zoiks! The experiment worked!

Unless of course you've set your significance at P<0.001, which would stink. What's your N? Did you run a two-sided T test or Student? What did the positive control do? Come on, more info is needed. ;)

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