Some changes

As you no doubt notice, I've changed the blog's appearance quite a bit this morning. I've gone over to one of those boring Blogger templates so I can play around with their gadgets a bit. I'll decide over the next few days just how much to tinker with this--or toss it out and bring back the format I had before.

Feel quite free to give me your opinion on this format change, the state of the economy, price of gas, or how much cleavage should be shown in public. That last one should really be accompanied with visual aids. I can provide my Email address if you want privacy....


Sleepypete said…
Hi Utenzi :-)

We're just coming into a good time of year. Summer is always a more interesting time in terms of outfits :-)

I'm also heavily thinking of upgrading my Blog template, not quite made the leap just yet. It looks from other people's that it will improve things, labels seem quite a powerful feature. (If I can get used to adding them to posts!)
Into the Light said…
I like that you updated your picture, but it's lacking something. No spark?
SassyAssy said…
I vote...NO! Just doesn't do you justice.
kenju said…
I LIKE it, Dave. The color, the format and the new photo are all good. The economy is down the tubes, gas prices are obscene and I have no cleavage (that I will show you) - so that's all.
It's a little less pretty, but loads WAY faster.
Liz said…
I like the new look. How did you do the recently updated blog list? Is that a blogger feature or something from elsewhere?

In public, men should show all the cleavage they've got.
Pearl said…
Like the clean layout and being able to see your face.

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