Pride goeth before a Fall

Above you can see the Eno River, just above Fews Ford near the start of the Buckquarter Creek Trail. I was wandering along the trail with Jules after work on Thursday. I tend to like to take pictures from both sides of a stream so anytime there's a good linkage of rocks, I try to switch sides. The rocks you can see in that picture above allowed me to do just that.

Here's the same rocks photographed from upstream, on the other side, a minute or two later.

In the picture above you can see Jules measuring the distance between rocks in her head. Studying the situation...

Just before I took this picture I yelled to her that she shouldn't try it 'cause the rocks didn't have enough surface area on top for her to land after a jump. But did she listen?

This is what happens when people don't listen to my advice! LOL Fortunately Jules just got wet from the knee down. She could easily have landed face first on a rock. Jumping across streams on rocks is for the nimble, y'know?

PS To answer the question Naomi asked yesterday: no, she's not my girlfriend. Hiking buddies only.


Më| §zë said…
blog surfing...


have a nice day.
David said…
you are fortunate so have a hiking pal that does not curse you for taking pictures when you could have been helping her out of that spot.... hehe
Julie said…
Beautiful pictures on your site! I am here visiting via Michele's! :)

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