Nerd Crossing

Do you think that's funny? You can find it at this address. The guy that creates them, Randall Munroe, is a CNU graduate with a degree in physics so he knows about the geek-thing first hand. A lot of his comics, but not all, deal with the math / science / physics area especially how scientists and non-scientists interact with one another.


Bob-kat said…
LOL! That was funny! I like this guys seense of humour :)

Talking of which, your recent comment on my blog made me laugh. Not sure why, it just did :)
Teresa said…
It's not necessarily funny, but I know someone it really does apply to. The thing is that if I sent it along, this person wouldn't think it was funny. So, since I didn't think it was particularly funny either, what does that say about me? *sigh*
Michael Manning said…
Hi, Utenzi! For as many different types of people there are in this world, there are just as many types of humor!
Pearl said…
You might also like PhD comics too

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