Mushrooms and crabs

The mushroom in the title refers to that big fella in the picture above. That's my leg in the background to give some scale to the thing. It was HUGE. I took the picture while hiking near Carrboro on Saturday. Just 15 minutes or so after I took that picture it began raining. Hiking loses some of its appeal when it rains.

As for crabs, that refers to the season premiere of The Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel this upcoming Tuesday.

This weekend Discovery has been running marathon sessions of the first three seasons of Deadliest Catch but I've only watched snippets here and there. I'll be sure to watch the new season though. Those guys on the Crab Boats make a lot of money in just a few weeks, but the hell they go though to catch the crab is just nuts. Going days without sleep, in freezing temperatures, salt spray constantly on them, hauling around hundreds of pounds of gear and bait--and knowing that one slip can mean almost instant hypothermia. Yikes. No amount of money is worth all that---but I'll watch others do it.

One of the things I wonder when I watch the show is while I know most of the deckhands get in the area of $30,000 for a few weeks of work, depending on how much crab their boat pulled in, what do the camera guys get that document all this? I suspect it's a whole lot less and they're in those same nasty working conditions. They must really love their job...


GA Girl said…
I hope the camera people get hazzard pay...

Great mushroom - you took some wonderful pictures on that hike.

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