Let's see, according to Reuters:

President George W. Bush is very concerned about global food shortages and has asked senior aides to look into how the United States can help alleviate the problem, the White House said on Monday.

Top finance and development officials from around the world called on Sunday for urgent action to stem rising food prices, warning that social unrest would spread unless the cost of basic staples was contained.

Maybe if we weren't growing crops just to put them into our gas tanks, that would increase the amount of corn available--and drop the price thereof. Just a thought. Especially since corn is one of the most subsidized and petroleum intensive of crops.


kenju said…
I think you're right. But some farmers follow the almighty dollar too - the way they did with tobacco.
Into the Light said…
It's a false assumption that corn grown for fuel purposes is affecting edible food supplies being grown. The majority of the field space is actually formerly used for livestock feed. So, agricultural fuels are the reason meat prices have risen and could presumably cause a shortage in that sector. Of course, historically when meat prices rise, people tend to buy less and demand levels off anyway.

Economically, everything is interlinked and I suppose it's something to deal with. However, I don't want our current president to do one more thing. God help us!
Michael Manning said…
My brother feels that electric cars will be further refined in the future. Many cool things underway!
GA Girl said…
My sunflower seed has doubled in price since the land is now being used for corn production. I don't know about you Into the Light, but I consider feeding the birds a necessity, and it's directly linked to corn production.

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