May is a nasty month

Every so often I eliminate some food from my diet for a period of time. It's partially in the name of losing weight, partially good health, but mostly just me being obstinate towards myself instead of others (for a change). My method every time I do this is to not buy the food items in question--using the reasoning that if I don't buy it I can't eat it. And it's a lot easier for me to not buy something so that when I get those nasty cravings, I'm too lazy to go out special to get said items. It works for me 'cause I hate making special trips like that.

This time around I'm eliminating soda, kid cereals, and salty snacks. I ran out of chips 2 weeks ago, soda on Saturday, and kid cereal about 5 days ago. Tonight is the first bad night--soda is the thing that is hardest for me to do without--but I suspect the next 4 weeks will see me lusting after soda a lot worse than tonight.

The damn stuff is so cheap and wonderful. I can't quite remember why I even eliminated it from my diet....

Worse is that if I'm doing this with an eye towards weight loss, I can't just replace the soda with juice--since juice has more calories than soda--I have to switch to water. I HATE WATER. Grrrrr.

All I can say is that May is going to be a very, very long month. And it's going to get worse when I run out of chocolate bars. The past 4 nights I've gone to bed each night with a half pound bar of chocolate which I've eaten while reading. I've only got 3 more pounds of the chocolate bars left.
I'll be getting a mite grouchy in about one weeks time.

Goal? Back down from 220 pounds to 210 by the end of May. Several hours of mowing my lawn each week will help. As long as the rain keeps coming, the grass will keep growing.


Sue said…
Good luck! Over almost 2 years, I've gone from around 200 to 169. And it's always a struggle to keep on track. Encouraging aren't I?
SassyAssy said…
Yikes! I will be sure to stay out of your way! You are scary when you aren't sweetened up!
If you really hate water, freeze some juice you do like into cubes and use those to lightly sweeten the water. Not as many calories and will spur you on to drink more water. You'll learn to love water - really!
Michael Manning said…
Utenzi, Good Morning: I applaud your actions to prevent obesity and diabetes. You are much too young to be sick. Please do cross this stuff you mentioned off your list so you can slim down and feel better and enjoy life more fully. That is my wish for you, my friend! :)
Teresa said…
Okay... where do candy bars fall in your kid's cereal, soda and salty snack categories??? Not that eliminating chocolate wouldn't help with weight loss!

I need to lose some weight too and should probably follow your lead. Of course, my list of eliminations would be a bit different as soda and kids cereals aren't really in my diet now and salty snacks aren't a constant. For me, it'd have to be fried foods (and I'm not sure I'd survive that!)and lately meat. For someone who most of time could become a vegetarian without a problem, I've been craving meat (and consuming it) at an alarming rate.

If you're taking bets, I'll say you won't last more than 12 days. ;-)
kenju said…
There are some additives for water that add taste, but few calories. Try them. Anything without carbonation is better for you, anyway. I could do without candy much longer than without salty snacks. That would be my downfall!
Noi Rocker said…
Yay good move! Its always the hardest in the beginning but after that it will be a piece of cake!

I have been on a diet myself and yes it does work. Basically just replacing some food to a more healthier choice. I am also eating rice once a day compared to twice a day previously. I hate it cos I am rice lover.

Why dont you replace your snacks with healthier snacks such as fruits, yogurt, wholemeal biscuits? Perhaps it wont be as miserable as going cold turkey:)

Soups are also great to be taken in between meals to reduce cravings.
tiff said…
A HALF POUND of chocolate. Every night. Wow.

Great good luck with the diet plan - but why'd you pick such a LONG month to do it in?

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