Man or Woman?

Now, don't peek at that picture until after you take the quiz!

Teresa sent me this interesting quiz. It determines whether you're a man or a woman, food preferences wise. No need to go out and get different clothes if your indicated gender is surprising, the results are statistical only and certainly not legally binding. Of course if you're just looking for an excuse, feel free to go to town.

For the sake of open disclosure, I was almost totally feminine on this. But I'm only moderately worried about that. I might prefer 9 out of 11 foods in the feminine way but I still don't like the color pink and I have no frilly underwear. And I'm willing to wear flannel--but not very often.

The indicators are in that picture to the left but don't peek at the picture until you've taken the quiz. As you know, that'll lead to answer bias!

A couple of those are close calls. Like horseradish versus cinnamon. I don't have either very often but I'd never want to eat beef without some horseradish--but never eat it otherwise. And toast without cinnamon? Uncivilized! And don't get me started on Cinnabons. *shiver*


GA Girl said…
Except for a juicy steak now and then, I eat like a woman. The peanut butter question was rough since I don't like any type but would prefer creamy if I had to eat it. My birds and squirrels like their peanut butter crunchy but dislike brussel sprouts so guess they're comfortable with thier gender identities!
Cynnie said…
i eat like a 12 year old boy..well..if a twelve year old boy could buy his own groceries
Deana said…
I only had 2 boy qualities, frozen pizza over frozen carrots and I would take asparagus over a tomato anyday. My hugs is the big tomato eater here.
Becky68 said…
I was 5 like a woman & 6 like a man, I'm a steak fan, though I rarely have it because we don't go out to good restaurants often & if we do I'll opt for seafood most times!
Anonymous said…
I came out girly - no surprise. Even answering the questions, I could tell where they were heading. Oh, and cinnabons? Hello!!! YUMMO! Since leaving Minneapolis, I can't get them fresh, so here in Champaign I have to settle for Grands cinnabon rolls. But I'm heading back to Minneapolis for a week and yes, I will be getting myself a cinnabon. Thanks, Utenzi... you totally got it stuck in my mind now! haha
Blonde Goddess said…
Mine said I eat like a man.

Of course that's ok because I love like a man...kick ass like a man...heck...I work like a man. No wonder I have to eat like a man!

Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go finish watching the ball game.
tiff said…
6 for female, 5 for male.

I'm quasi-hermaphroditic, mebbe?

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