What do you think of this necklace on "Gold Box" sale at today?

To me it looks like a dog tag. Not something I'd want to give to a girlfriend. (the "Fifi" part I added, in case that's not obvious)

Do women want something this chunky looking around their neck? And would a woman want it monogrammed or personalized with a name? Perhaps a contact phone number on the back too? I'd hate it if my girlfriend got lost and wasn't able to find her way home. True, Alzheimer's is at least a year or two away--but it's good to be cautious.

Seriously, does anyone like this? Maybe it's just me that thinks it looks like a dog collar.

I'm still thinking about Nena and that armpit hair thing. Unlike what Bob-Kat said in comments, I thought it was an appealing look.


GA Girl said…
The heavy necklace look was in fashion for awhile, but I agree, it looks like a dog tag.

Let's hope Alzheimer's is more than a year or two away for your girlfriend...would be a shame to forget your name. Wandering around with hairy armpits might get her arrested for being homeless. Maybe she does need a contact number on an item of jewelry. Just rambling because my neck hurts today...
utenzi said…
The neck pain thing might be subconscious discomfort due to a need to be collared with a necklace like this one, GG. Interesting.
SassyAssy said…
Yucky! Wouldn't be caught wearing it and receiving it as a gift might be a kick to the curb offense!
GA Girl said…
No collaring for me - don't you know that control always backfires? ;)
tiff said…
Many women do not care to be associated with the word 'chunky.'

Good of you to not be tempted to purchase it.
kenju said…
Your instincts are good, Dave. It does look like a collar. Don't buy it!
Teresa said…
I'm not really fond of jewelry, so I'm no judge... I wouldn't be thrilled to receive it though.

I'm curious about why you are shopping for jewelry... but I'm thinking maybe you just wanted to get a last Amazon purchase in before your boycott. ;-)
Më| §zë said…
More for a dog named Fifi... :)

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