Is it a miracle?

Some people might think of this as a miracle but I just call it overdue rain.

This picture here is my backyard taken from the shelter of the door to my laundry room. I left work early today due to a sinus headache and pinched nerve in my back. I went to bed soon after getting home and now I find myself wide awake at midnight. Wonderful.

We received some rain over the weekend, starting late on Saturday and continuing through today. I got soaked leaving Wal-mart Sunday night when a light rain decided to become a downpour whilst I was inside trying to find food. That, apparently, is a mistake late Sunday night. There was nothing attractive in the veggie department and the meat and bread areas had meager pickings as well. I left the store with just a few items--and a lot of rain.

In case the rain wasn't obvious in the picture above, here's a closeup of the bird water dish. It was really coming down. We still have a huge rain deficit here in Eastern NC but this is definitely helping.

On the subject of television, I've started watching the reruns of Burn Notice. USA Network is getting ready to show the second season this summer and they're running the first season again to promote the show. If you didn't see it on the first run, give it a shot now. It's a great show. I've already recruited Jules and Lee as fans.


Bev Sykes said…
Hi, Utenzi. I'm here via Michele. Loved your post about was in the 80s here today. I know rain is going to be a long way off, but I enjoyed it vicariously!
Më| §zë said…
You guys over there long for rain... we people over here wish there was slightly less rain... Haha... maybe you should come visit malaysia for a few months... you'll get all the rain you want for the whole year... :)
GA Girl said…
Hope you're feeling better, Utenzi.
kenju said…
I am sorry that you had the sinus headache and pinched nerve. Been there - done that and wouldn't wish it on an enemy. Hope you feel better soon. Your yard looks wonderful!!
SassyAssy said…
Poor Baby! I can relate to the sinus discomfort....had that myself this past week.

I love Burn Notice....I have been watching the reruns also.
Ivy said…
i hope you are feeling better.. Your yard is refreshing looking.. Our grass is already brown in patches from the heat.

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