Huge Craters

Having a high def tv is usually a good thing. But there's the occasional disadvantage. This point was brought home last nigh when I watched the season premiere of Hell's Kitchen.

Gordon Ramsey's face looks quite lined on a normal set, but in high def it's scary! That fellow has flesh issues--and when he's giving his "I am pissed" look--it really is intimidating now.

One interesting thing, Hell's Kitchen starts a few minutes after the hour so I ended up recording the last few minutes of that singing show. It was the first time I'd ever seen it--and those people are really good. I was quite impressed.

I assume it's late in the season and the really bad ones have been eliminated--but even so, I can see all those folk having recording contracts after this is done. Still, I doubt I'll ever bother to watch the show. I just don't have any interest in watching people sing.


GA Girl said…
Yes, that "singing show" is good this year. Can't imagine watching Hell's Kitchen in low def, let alone high def - there's too much yelling!
Shephard said…
With hi-def, we can see the layers of make-up on anchormen and women. And usually whatever they're trying to cover up. People will have to go back to vaseline on lenses now. :)
kenju said…
I don't watch Hell's Kitchen - too much anger and angst. Idol is excellent this year and any of the remaining contestants could win and I'd be happy.
Claire said…
I don't watch Hell's Kitchen, I've had a dislike for Gordon Ramsey for as long as I can remember...I don't watch 'that singing show' either! My god what do I watch?!
Omykiss said…
no idea what singing show you're on about ... one of those 'idol' thingies maybe? The problem is ... lots of people sing really, really well ... but what makes a singer who can sell records is something else ... what i don't know exactly .. but definitely something else ...

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