Dave is food

While I like to hike outside I don't always enjoy the wildlife that I find out there.

Here's a case in point. I plucked that sucker (literally) over there on the left off my knee yesterday before work. She was firmly attached but not yet feeding off of me. I used the tweezers pictured below to slowly pry her away from my horrified flesh. LOL

What's weird is that I got that tick just by mowing my grass. That's the first time that's happened to me in the 5 years I've owned my place. It's the 5th tick I've pulled off of me this year and it's still early. Prior to this, my worst year I had 3 ticks across the Spring and Summer. Obviously this is going to be a banner year for me and ticks. Oh joy.

Have any of you---those of you with warm climes, that is--noticed if ticks are worse this year than before? I'd have thought with that horrible drought last year that there'd be less ticks than usual.


GA Girl said…
Love the profile picture! She looks a little crab-like,and probably was (crabby), after being yanked away from her meal. ;)
kenju said…
We had a much milder winter than most, Dave. I think that means that all pests will be more plentiful this summer, including poison ivy.....ICK! and fleas.
SassyAssy said…
Must be all the soda you drink...makes you sweet to the bite. Yikes...keep those to yourself.
rosemary said…
We are rarely plagued with ticks or fleas...closer to town or higher into the mountains, tes. At this point, they will all be to frozen to thaw by next winter in Idaho.
Teresa said…
So far, no sign of ticks here... and I've been checking the dogs a lot. But we haven't been hiking or otherwise trying to commune with our wild friends. ;-)
Yuck. Cover up well (as you can) to mow. I'm not sure if there is any tick-be-gone type spray. Oh! Also, if you get one, put the nasty SOB in the freezer in a baggie. He won't come back from the DEAD.
Pearl said…
Teeny. I've never seen one before. Glad to see it at this distance and no closer.
Anonymous said…
Hmm.... it's been a while since I have had a tick on me.

I half-way suspect that because my dog is on flea treatment, and I pet her (even though I do not actually touch the flea treatment while it's soaking in, or anything like that) that the flea treatment may kind of rub off on me and stop the little suckers from biting.

I suspect I will have dire health consequences from this years down the road.
ivy said…
we haven't had an issue with ticks yet. Mosquitos and fleas have been horrible already this year. I've been spraying the kids down and checking them alot lately as my son has a bad habit of wondering into the woods..

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