bookcase meme

The lovely Diane over at Martinis for Two invited me to do a meme.

The theme is what's on your bookcases. Well, mostly books in my house. As you can see in the following pictures, I have a lot of books. 3 bookcases of them in my upstairs storage room, another bookcase of hardcovers in the upstairs landing, another bookcase of hardcovers in the living room, cookbooks in the downstairs hallway, and finally more hardcovers in the bedroom--along with some fleece socks, camera batteries, a box of candles, and some bug spray. The bedroom bookcase attracts some clutter.

I'll pass this meme on to Liz at Library Tavern, cause she's a librarian, and to Sassy cause I hear she's got a lot of books. Enjoy!


G in Berlin said…
Wow, I have read an amazing number of the same books that you have. Thanks for sharing: I'm posting your shelf with the others, if that's ok. If anyone else would like to join the blogroll of shelves, please drop a comment my way.
rosemary said…
FINALLY....someone with as many books as me!!! Aren't books wonderful? Don't they feel good, smell good and the pages make such a glorious sound when turned!!!!
SassyAssy said…
You are PURE EVIL! Yes, I am shouting at you....bad bad Utenzi!
kenju said…
Your bookshelves are SO neat! I thought I had a lot, but you may have just as many....LOL
Teresa said…
I've been gathering books to give away to a book sale event. Some I just can't part with, but others just lie around. I'm trying to deal with one of the dog's appreciation of them... she's decided that when I'm done, they are hers. Not all of them, but some are definitely favorites. She's chewed up a few, but mostly just hoards them. It's kind of funny to find her in her bed with a few books -- just like me!

You should consider diminishing your supply, Dave. :-)
Anonymous said…
Michele sent me, That's a lot of books, though I bet I have more! (If you count my kid's books- most of which were mine before they were theirs & so still count!) I might have to take some pictures later myself!
Of course, in my house, the shelves are nowhere near as neat, I can straighten them up but within a few days they're back to 'normal' with people's cups, homework & various other random spoor tossed on them.
colleen said…
I think I did this once upon a time.

I'm sorry if you had any trouble accessing my blog. Seems it was down for an hour or so. Thank you for your comments. I wanted to let you know that I responded to them.
Michele sent me today! How've you been? I'm about to go through my bookcases and get rid of a bunch of books. I've got the NY apartment and there's not enough room to keep every book I've ever read. I wish I could. Damn, I love books!

Hope you have a great weekend.
tiff said…
You are your own library. You've READ all those?
Smug said…
I actually think that your book collection might rival mine! I am under orders from my husband to get rid of half of them - the new house simply does not have enough room for all of them! I am ok with selling some of them, cause we need to make room for that future baby! Besides, they have all been in storage for the last year, and I have not missed every single one.
Deana said…
You DO have a lot of books! You must've kept every book you've ever owned. Wow.

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