Tomatoes and basil

I'm back to obsessing about food here.

There's something about bruschetta, and redheads in general, that's just so damn appealing. Witness that picture on the left.

Lee and I had these a few hours ago as a late night snack after watching a movie for a couple hours on the high-def tele.

Just some French bread cut on the bias with garlic butter (very heavy on the garlic--I nearly had half a bulb in a stick and a half of butter) and cheese melted under the broiler, then topped with a tomato / olive oil / basil mixture. A light but very tasty repast. Perfect for late at night.

And we ate every last bit of it.

I do admit I had almost twice as much as Lee. She had 4 of them and I had 7. But that's mainly 'cause I'm bigger and stronger. These were very tasty and I never learned that "share with others" lesson very well.

I think I'll make this again later today. I've got another container of grape tomatoes that I can use. I diced them up with that Wolfgang Puck hand mixer I bought a few weeks ago. It worked very well. :-)


kenju said…
It looks very good to me! Won't you share yours?
Pearl said…
looks great. I was just wondering what to have for lunch...

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