Sunday Dinner

In a very slight change of gears, I'm making lasagna today. You can see the ingredients arrayed on my counter below. I let them warm up slightly before I start cooking.

I like to make my lasagna at least a day ahead of time since I find that the flavors develop over time and that a day or two afterwards the lasagna tastes a lot better.

Not much else going on here though I might be buying a used leather couch off of Craig's List this weekend. That would be nice. I like leather.


kenju said…
Show us the couch!
rennratt said…
We're making stuffed shells tonight!

This is definitely "pasta weather", isn't it?
Shephard said…
Pizza, Lasagna... I'd say Lee is a lucky camper.
MissMeliss said…
I always make lasagna a couple of days ahead also - for the same reason.

Love the spread of ingredients.

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