Staring Birds

This seems to be the time of year for staring contests. Witness the grackles above having a meaningful moment before enjoying their dinner. The one on the right really has a "hairy eyeball" thing going on.

This mockingbird is usually in charge around here. He rarely eats any seed but often guards the area and keeps other birds away. Unfortunately for him, larger birds have been hanging around recently and he's not able to bully them away from the food. That might be why he looks a mite sad in this picture.

Usually size is the main factor in bird face-offs. But this song sparrow doesn't seem to realize this as she gives the mourning dove a serious glare. It didn't work for long, but she did get a few more seeds before the dove finally asserted herself.


Deana said…
Those are incredible! Very good work, the Grackle one especially because of that expression and the nice colors.
rosemary said…
Just great pics....i am surprised at the dove...they are basically stupid and it doesn't take much to scare them off. I had hoped the swallows would return today on time, but we have way too much snow and few bugs for dinner.
kenju said…
That grackle looks menacing!
GA Girl said…
Happy Spring, Utenzi!

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