Redheads and St Patrick's Day

St Paddie's Day is traditionally associated with the color green. And definitely not orange. And while we could go into the historic reasons for that--I prefer not to get into divisive religious discussions--especially when money enters into it. Nasty stuff.

Instead why don't we consider that St Patrick's Day should also be linked to redheads. (notice the picture of the redhead to the left) What brings to mind the lovely image of the Emerald Isle more than someone with a head of red hair?

Okay, I'll grant you the leprechaun idea. And limericks, clover, Notre Dame, potatoes, and even freckles--but red hair is on the list too.

Happy St Patrick's Day.

BTW, I have no idea what Lee is doing in this picture. It looks like she's trying to decide which finger smells better. Odd, huh?


kenju said…
Maybe she's about to put a contact lens in her eye?

Pretty (wet) hair!
SassyAssy said…
Lovely red color!

God, I am so drowning in taxes...I missed St. Paddy's day...lordy I need a vacation.

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