Murder and Mayhem

Lee has been here nearly a week and things are getting a lot better.

My new chainsaw has arrived. Yee-haw!

No more getting fussed at if she knows what is good for her. I put this sucker together as soon as I opened up the box.

She has 9 hours to get used to the new order of things (that's how long it takes for the battery to charge before the first use--this is a battery operated chainsaw, y'see) but after that "grace period" it's toast.

Damn woman is giggling behind me as I type this. No respect, I say!

Seriously, it really is cute but not a lot of power. It is battery operated, after all. But despite some of the worst directions I've ever encountered from Black and Decker, it's is put together and at 11pm I can use it. But I think I'll wait until tomorrow afternoon. In the morning I have to go to work--but that way it'll give the dew a chance to evaporate off some bushes that are in for a very bad day. Lee isn't really in any danger.


kenju said…
I am sure Lee is happy to know that!
rosemary said…
Men and tools
Women and shoes
Michael Manning said…
Utenzi: Unlike my oldest brother, use ear plugs. He suffered a hearing loss in one ear with his chain saw! Otherwise Congrats!
SassyAssy said…
Lee might take the chainsaw to you...I can only imagine the torture you are putting the poor woman through! Hope you are a good nurse! Take care of her!

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