A little too late

There's times when you just shouldn't hurry...

But buying a decently priced leather sofa isn't one of those times.

I was interested in buying this sofa off of Craig's List. The couch was listed late Friday night and I contacted the owner right away. I was going to look at it after work on Monday since the owner is located in the town where I work.


It sold today at 5pm. The owner called me just a few minutes ago with the bad news.

The reason I wasn't in a hurry is that I don't like this particular style of couch, but I definitely want leather and I really like the color.... I should have acted on it quicker. The area I'm in rarely has anything of this nature listed--Raleigh has them all the time but I don't want to drive 75 miles just to get a sofa. I'd be better off buying one new and having it delivered.

Damn. Pretty leather.

In other news, Lee is coming over to my place today. She's recovering from some surgery and isn't going back to work for a month or so and she's going to spend a week plus with me. My chance to do some nurturing! (not my specialty so there's no telling how this will go)


kenju said…
Dave, you're never too old to learn how to nurture, even if it isn't in your usual repertoire. I'd try it, if I were you. You may be surprised where it leads.

Nice couch. Next time, strike while the iron is hot!
rosemary said…
nice, nice couch.....wasn't to be. enjoy your time with Lee.
tiff said…
Sam's Club sells leather furniture! Shocking, but true....

A week of nurturing? Just serve up the lasagna, because that just screams COMFORT.
Diane Mandy said…
Sorry you missed out. The RTP Craigslist is one of the most active in the country--gotta act quick sometimes. I'm sure something else will come around soon!
Shephard said…
Maybe there's another way... another service like Craig's List. But I know what you mean... not like you're going to find nice leather sofa's at a yard sale. Well... maybe in the right neighborhood!
Maybe the answer is bargain hunting on the internet. OR... Memorial Day Sales.

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