Leather and cushions

The furniture I mentioned in the past post or so has arrived--to much rejoicing.

This picture symbolizes my state of anticipation. I rarely have my door open like that since I tend to be very private. (did I hear anyone say "paranoid?")

Dorothy and her husband had a few changes in their plans so the furniture that was originally going to be delivered around 6pm didn't actually arrive until after 9pm. She kept me apprised of the changes in timing but I really wanted to get everything in the house. :-)

This also means the end of my being a "couch potato." You see, my high def screen is quite sensitive to viewing position (damn LCDs!) so that's why I was so eager to get these chairs. I hate to sit up on a couch yet that's the best viewing height for my television. These chairs provide a much better vantage point for tele watching. So now I'll be a "chair potato." A much better breed, or so I've heard.

This is the assembly of furniture right after it Dorothy's husband and I had carried it in. I had cleared one side of my living room so that's where it all had to go--temporarily.

While waiting for delivery I was measuring the room and trying to decide how to situate everything. I hadn't planned on buying both the chair and the recliners--and since my living room is small this was going to require lots of changes in the layout of the room. So that's what I did from 10pm to 1am.

I moved my bookshelves from one end of the room to against the kitchen wall, then moved the sofa to where the bookshelves had been, against the back wall. Then I moved the two chairs I already had to other rooms and rearranged the tables and lamps to open up the entire middle of the room. Then I put those 3 new chairs into that open space. The result? Seating that is almost theater-like.

Okay, okay.

It's a budget theater but that's okay with me. Any theater is better than none! And the screen looks so much better from these chairs. So far I've only watched a program from the burgundy chair in the center but tonight I'll use the recliners also.

In other news, I'm supposed to be going hiking at 10:30am up at Eno River Park but since it's 3am and I doubt I'll be going to sleep for a few hours... that might not happen.

I really need to get more exercise but maybe I'll just read for a while instead--and eat potato chips. Yeah, that's the ticket!


GA Girl said…
WOW - that's a lot of chairs! Perhaps 1 too many? :)
Diane Mandy said…
I like the chairs!
SassyAssy said…
Nice! Glad you did not get rid of the super comfy, good enough to sleep/nap on couch!
kenju said…
I like the brown chair!
Shephard said…
Budget Theaters are some of the best. Esp. with potato chips.
MissMeliss said…
I love the chair with the ottoman, but can't quite discern the color...is it red (as it seems to be) or just a rich brown?

Either way, it looks like a cozy place to read.
Bed Linen said…
While it does seem to be quite a bit of furniture, they do look extremely comfy.

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