Today I had a nasty experience and a somewhat good one.

First the good, notice the bag of jellybeans open there on the left? It's co-branded by Lifesavers. Lots of times there's really no meaning or difference behind co-branding, expect of course the slightly higher price. However in this case it means a lot. These jellybeans taste exactly like Lifesavers! It's uncanny.

I only bought two bags since I had no idea how they'd taste and there's some jellybeans I really don't like. Now I wish I'd bought a few more bags. They're on half-price Easter clearance so I doubt they'll stick around long. The malted milk balls were good too. Yummy, in fact.

The bad part of the day was at a gas pump. Ouch. The last time I filled my tank, 2 weeks back, was the first time I'd ever paid over $40 at a gas pump. Well, that record got broken pretty quick: today I spent over $50! Scared the bejesus out of me!

The gas was $3.21 a gallon and normally my tank doesn't hold enough to put it over $50 but this time I was also filling two cans of gas for my lawn equipment. An extra 3+ gallons to put me over that nasty $50 mark. Ow.


Nikki-ann said…
You must be jam packed full of sugar! :D
Shephard said…
I was thinking, oh he's gonna be so coked up on sugar... two bags, but then you clarified that these were Easter Clearance, and of course I then completely understood your sound logic. I am wishing I'd bought one more bag of the Dark Choc. Raspberry 3 Muskateers Bites now.

Bob-kat said…
It's a good job you don't live here in the UK. Gas or petrol as we call it has been £1.04 a litre for awhile now and I damn near cry everytime I fill my tank. That's nearly 4 litres to the US gallon (3.78) so that is approx £4 a gallon or very roughly $8!!!!!!! Ouch!

The jellybeans look yummy but I haven't a clue what Lifesavers taste like as we don't have them in the UK! Are we missing out?
Nina said…
I love jelly beans. I ate a whole bunch this week, too. I'll keep an eye out for the lifesavers brand.

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